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Welcome to Rock Star for a Day, a unique recording experience that gives everyone a chance to record their own album.

For the last 9 years, the Rock Star for a Day team have travelled the length and breadth of Australia, transforming big kids and little kids parties and team building events into Rock Star Recording Sessions.

It's time for you to live the dream and become a Rock Star for a Day!

Call now to make your booking on 1800 ROCK STAR (Freecall 1800 7625 7827)

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"Thanks for making Hannah's party so special. Her friends absolutely loved it and haven't stopped talking about it...and playin the CD" - Sarah Holt

"I can't believe what a cool experience my Hens Night was. You are the Dancing Queen...... we can't stop singing it, thank you sooo much." - Janine Masters

"What do you give your mum who has everything? A CD of her favourite daughter singing her favourite songs - thank you for loads of fun and the ability to give my mum something that she absolutely treasures." - Leonie Hunt

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